Ice Hauling

Ice Hauling in Clearwater

Private property is an alienable right for a reason. At JK Landscape Construction LLC we understand just how important your property is to you, which is why we take great precaution to avoid causing any damage to your yard when moving or removing large objects from around your house. Like a stealthy fox, we don't leave an imprint!

Over-Ice Hauling

We can safely get; Boulders, Rip-Rap, Steps, Beach Sand, and any landscaping material to your project site without harming or damaging your lawn, trees, driveway or any existing landscaping.  We have been using the ice to haul landscaping material for over 10 years.
Transporting over ice

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Have you ever stayed up at night thinking about how you were going to successfully move that rock or boulder to your project site? Worried about it hurting your lawn? Don't worry. Our team of professionals have years of experience in moving large materials and putting them exactly where you want them!

Leaders in Our Field

We have all thought about it. I can do my own landscaping right? The truth is, when it comes to moving large materials, it takes serious effort and significant force to your body, we have the proper equipment for your landscape project. Save yourself time, energy, and health. We can take it from here!
Why hesitate? Give us a call at (320) 980-2710!
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