3 Ways to Get the Landscaping Ready for Summer

While the right design adds a boost of aesthetic appeal year-round, summer is when landscaping truly shines. Yet, to get it to that stage, homeowners need to complete a few simple maintenance steps in spring. Follow these three measures to keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. 

1. Trim Back the Foliage

  1. Trim Back the Foliage
    To pave the way for optimal summer growth, you need to begin shaping shrubbery and trees around your lawn. The goal is to remove any dead or damaging sections to prevent them from stealing vital nutrients from other areas of the plant. The step also helps you create and maintain a visually-pleasing shape. Be sure to pay close attention when trimming plants near the home. You want to remove any branches or leaves that may provide access to warm-weather pests. This is also an excellent time to pick up any remaining winter debris, like twigs and leaves.  
  2. Add Mulch
    Wood mulch is a popular aspect of landscape designs because of its aesthetic and functional qualities. Not only does it create a visually impactful contrast next to grass and plants, but it also keeps the soil moist. For that reason, it’s an incredibly beneficial tool during hot and dry summer months. If your design features mulch already, consider replacing it with new materials for optimal performance. 
  3. Mow Regularly
    Most homeowners know that mowing is an essential step from spring to fall. However, not everyone understands the importance of frequency. Keeping the blades below three inches throughout spring and the beginning of summer helps reduce the risk of pest and wildlife infestations that are attracted to long grass. It also creates that perfectly polished finish that so many are after. 

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