5 Hardscaping Tips for Smaller Backyards

Hardscaping refers to the manmade or structural aspects of your outdoor living space, while landscaping typically only encompasses vegetation. Most yards need a blend of both to create a functional and attractive area. When space is limited, however, you may need a unique approach to fit in hardscape elements without overwhelming the property. Here are a few practical ways to outfit your smaller yard with hardscaping features.  

Hardscaping Strategies for Small Outdoor Spaces

  1. Incorporate Vertical Elements
    While you may be limited in terms of what you can incorporate at ground-level, there’s always vertical space to leverage. For instance, you might use a trellis to showcase climbing plants. You can also hang garden lights around your perimeter to direct the eye upwards.
  2. Consider Raised Beds
    Another way to make use of your backyard’s vertical space is to use raised beds for planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs. You may not be able to create a sprawling garden, but tiered rows of blooms and other plant life will still allow you to exercise your green thumb.
  3. Use Open Fencing
    Solid fences can create a closed-off look, but you can still seal off your perimeter without sacrificing your aesthetic by opting for open fencing. Picket fences, wrought iron, and lattice designs all work well for smaller spaces. If possible, keep your fencing’s height short, which will also help to prevent closing off the space.
  4. Stick With One Paving Material
    Even small yards can accommodate a little patio area, perfect for a bench or table and chairs. If you plan to incorporate any walkways or patios into your backyard, just be sure to use the same pavers throughout. Keep in mind, too many mixed designs can lead to a crowded, busy effect.
  5. Add a Water Feature
    Water features add visual and audial elements to your space, creating a soothing atmosphere. However, if you don’t have space for a pond, you can still purchase a small fountain to bring your backyard to life.

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