On the Waterfront: Be Sure to Protect Your Shoreline

Owning waterfront property often comes with additional responsibilities, including shoreline maintenance and upkeep. Caring for lakeside land requires attention to each characteristic of the area to keep your yard looking great and prevent erosion. Learn why it’s important to protect your shoreline and some steps you can take to do just that.

Part of a system

A healthy water environment depends on the vitality its surroundings. Waterfront land is a great spot for relaxing, fishing, or enjoying nature. Additionally, the shoreline helps filter stormwater runoff as it makes its way into the lake or river. This area is part of a system that keeps fish, plants, animals, and water working in a balanced way, so protecting it from erosion or restoring it is essential.


Your shoreline is a cooperative effort to provide for the needs of the land and the desires of the people. Be sure the majority of the area consists of stabilizing plants, shrubs, and vegetation to help curb deterioration and improve water quality. Use only about one quarter of the waterfront for personal enjoyment, such as boat docks or swimming areas.

Restoring and maintaining a hardy shoreline helps:

  • Absorb waves and prevent erosion
  • Improve water quality
  • Provide wildlife habitat
  • Establish a more natural environment

Trusted landscaping professionals

The trusted experts at JK Landscape offer services to help protect your shoreline.

Rip rap, also known as “rock armor,” uses rock or other materials to mend current shoreline deterioration and prevent further property damage.

Natural plant buffers help keep shoreline grounds from washing away. Our landscape professionals will assess the soil, location, available sunlight, and drainage around your lakeshore to determine which types of vegetation will flourish on your property.

Our team is trained to evaluate properties to determine whether other erosion control methods are needed. Those approaches might include utilizing drainage systems, erosion control blankets, and terraces to fix any existing problems and prevent future issues.

We also provide barging services for lake homes or cabins with shorelines that are difficult to navigate through regular avenues.

Be sure to protect your shoreline so you can enjoy your waterfront property for years and decades to come. If you have questions about potential erosion or other lakeshore or riverfront issues, contact the professionals at JK Landscape. Our experienced team can examine and correct any concerns to restore your property and peace of mind.

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