Turn to JK Landscape for Winter Services

With everything covered by snow or ice, overlooking property care during the colder months is almost too easy. Did you know our versatile team stays active all year round? If you have concerns about ice control or your waterfront property, turn to JK Landscape for winter services. Let us take the worry out of wintertime projects.

Ice Control

Ice in any form can wreak havoc on roadways and even throughout your business’s property. High-traffic areas like steps, sidewalks, and parking areas can become danger zones with the slightest coating of ice.

Black ice is a layer of ice that’s extremely difficult to detect because of its thin, transparent nature. This ultra-slick glaze can develop from freezing rain or ice or snow that melts and refreezes. Driving or walking on black ice-coated parking lots or walkways can be scary and lead to bumps, bruises, and even broken bones.

Use caution when navigating slippery spots, especially under low or minimal lighting. And try to manage any ice issues around your property before they cause problems. The best way to do this is to contact our specialized team at JK Landscape. With our ice control services, we will prevent ice buildup in heavily frequented areas and help keep you, your patrons, and your property safe.

Waterfront Property

If you own a seasonal cabin or have your home on a lake, you’re probably already thinking about warmer days, spending time in or on the water, and relaxing on your sandy beach. Though summer is a few months away, we all know it’ll be here before we know it. And winter is no time to stop thinking about preparing your property for the inevitable hot, sunny days ahead.

Beach Sand

After a long winter’s nap, be prepared to enhance or repair your beachfront. We offer beach sand delivery services in the winter, which is especially important if your property is inaccessible through regular means. Our team will traverse the frozen water to deliver fresh, high-quality sand so that you’ll be all set to bury your toes or build a colossal castle this summer.

During the summer season, too, we provide barging services to areas with steep slopes, narrow property lines, difficult shorelines, or other challenging terrain. We can safely and efficiently move heavy equipment, products, and supplies across the lake to your property, without any risk to the waterfront.

Rip Rap

Harsh weather, ice, and troublesome critters can often cause your shoreline to erode. Shoreline erosion can decrease property value as well as harm the water’s ecosystem due to sedimentation. This process can, among other things, introduce pollutants into the water and damage plants necessary for feeding and spawning fish.

Protect your property and the environment with rip rap. The JK Landscape team can professionally install “rock armor” to repair current damage and prevent future erosion issues.

Summer will be here soon enough. Until then, turn to the design and installation specialists at JK Landscape for winter services. We can provide everything you’ll need to be sure you and your property are protected. Questions? We’re here to answer them. Contact us today.

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