DIY A Pet-Friendly Backyard

Dogs, cats, rabbits, we want nothing but luxury for man’s best friends. We may find ourselves accommodating to our pets needs more than our own needs. If you find yourself needing more pet-tension while you’re hanging outside, JK Landscape Construction is here to help! Follow along for a few tips and tricks to help DIY your very own pet-friendly backyard.

Pet Protecting Plants

Protecting your animal is a top priority. When it comes to certain plants, foods, and trees, some can be very hazardous to your pet. Lilies, sago palm, daffodil, avocados, apple seeds, and many more can all pose a threat to your pet’s health. Orchids, Boston ferns, aster, cucumbers, sunflower are just some of the non-toxic plants that will help keep your pet out of the hospital and protected in your backyard.  

Sandbox Sanctuary

Can you name anything worse than your pet digging holes in your backyard?! Dried up soil, dead grass, a destroyed garden, we could go on and on. One solution to this problem is a pet sandbox. Having a designated digging zone will help them control their urge to dig holes in the backyard. You can design your own sandbox by using wood, bricks, and you can even add some fun toys for your animal to play with! If you find yourself needing new sod, grass seed, or mulch, contact JK Landscape Construction, our experts are here to help.

Shade for Summer

Summers can get hot. That’s why a shaded spot in your backyard for your pet is a must. Their fur coats provide a lot of warmth, and this can lead to overheating in the summer months. Plant some trees in your backyard, install a pergola or deck, or add an outdoor kitchen for easy access to water. Create a comfortable outdoor space not just for yourself but for your pet, too.

Fresh New Fence

You can open the door to a world of possibilities when you purchase a fence for your yard. Fences provide freedoms like leash free shenanigans, zero outdoor pet supervision, backyard exercise, and so much more. Thinking about fencing in your yard? Here are some well know fence types:

  • Wooden
  • Chain Link
  • Metal
  • Picket
  • Invisible

Extra and Extravagant

There are endless opportunities for a backyard pet playground. If you find your pet whining, and you need to keep them occupied outside for a while as you are washing the dishes, taking care of the baby, or cleaning the garage, we have a few extra and extravagant ideas for you. A rabbit hutch to keep them safe in the backyard; a doggie pool to keep your dog cool from the summer heat; a catio for that lazy cat that wants fresh air and sun. Here are a few more fun suggestions:

  • A dog shower
  • Water and treat station
  • Rabbit patch
  • Goat climber
  • Porch bed
  • Pet playground
  • Fire hydrant
  • Outdoor cat tree
  • Garden path
  • So many more!

Keep your pets happy, safe, and healthy in the comfort of your yard while protecting your landscape from them. Contact JK Landscape Construction for all your landscape service needs like water features, sod, seed, and mulch plus outdoor living needs like decks, Pergolas, or outdoor kitchens.

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