The Benefits of JK Landscape Barging Services

When you purchased your waterfront property, one of the factors that may have drawn you to that specific acreage could be the unique and beautiful terrain. But with steep or tree-populated landscapes, you’ve most likely also noticed its challenges. When the time comes for landscaping work to be done, many companies may battle to navigate the land and access the shoreline with large construction equipment, but not us. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of JK Landscape barging services.

What is a Barge?

A barge is a flat-bottomed boat used for carrying freight, typically on canals, rivers, and lakes, either under its own power or towed by another. At JK Landscape, we use our barge to transport landscaping machinery, equipment, and supplies right to the shore of waterfront properties. And thanks to a barge’s size and flat bottom, it can pull up close to the shoreline in shallow waters to unload materials with ease.

Damage-Free Landscaping

Working on a landscape with steep slopes, narrow property lines, and obtrusive trees poses a challenge for even the most experienced landscaper. You may notice many companies are not prepared to take on these challenging terrains, but we are. Thanks to our barging services, we are able to transport skid steers, bulldozers, excavators, and more across the water, straight to your shoreline—without risk of damage to your property.

Call the Landscape Professionals

Take your waterfront property up a notch with a custom landscape design from JK Landscape Construction. Whether you’re looking to add rip rap to your shoreline, a new deck to your outdoor entertainment space, or a paver patio for grilling, we look forward to bringing your dream landscape to life.

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