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Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2023

With the beginning of a new year also marks the beginning of new technology, new movies, and new trends. Trends can take form in clothing, food, and, our favorite, outdoor kitchens. From built-in storage to smart technology, your outdoor kitchen could have it all. We may still be in the colder months, but spring is on its way. This is the best time to start planning for your outdoor kitchen. Follow along as we share with you the outdoor kitchen trends of 2023.


There’s nothing like convenience in the year 2023. Imagine that you gathered all your ingredients and cooking utensils and are headed to your outdoor kitchen in the backyard. Oh no, you forgot an ingredient and have to walk all the way back inside. No one wants that. Built-in storage is all the rage this year; you can add cabinet drawers, a dry storage pantry, warming drawers, and so much more. Can’t decide on a built-in? Our JK Landscape professionals can help you design a stylish and functional outdoor kitchen.

The Incorporation of Smart Technology

Technology is forever developing in our world. Incorporating technology into your outdoor kitchen might be one of the smartest things you can do. Through an app on your phone, you can conveniently control your grill, fridge, and oven from the palm of your hand. Another bonus is purchasing a smart meat thermometer so you can check the temperature of what you are cooking whenever you want, right from your phone or tablet.

Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

Comfort is key when it comes to being outside. We are obsessed with oversized chairs and couches that are perfect for kicking back on a beautiful summer day. For 2023, the expression “bold and bright” comes to mind. Try out different shades, like the Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta, don’t be afraid to expand your outdoor kitchen color palette. Here’s our list of other hot, trending outdoor furniture ideas for this year.

  • Sustainable materials like bamboo
  • Waterproof chairs and tables
  • Curved lines
  • Multi-purpose spaces
  • Work-from-home outdoor space
  • Mood lighting
  • Outdoor grilling tables

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The beginning of 2023 holds the key to many new trends. As the air gets warmer and the snow starts to melt, outdoor kitchen trends are ramping up. From smart technology to outdoor furniture, we want to provide you with convenience and comfort. If you are unsure how to start your outdoor kitchen project, the JK Landscape professionals are here to provide you with the correct guidance and support. Contact JK Landscape to get started on the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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The Benefits of JK Landscape Barging Services

When you purchased your waterfront property, one of the factors that may have drawn you to that specific acreage could be the unique and beautiful terrain. But with steep or tree-populated landscapes, you’ve most likely also noticed its challenges. When the time comes for landscaping work to be done, many companies may battle to navigate the land and access the shoreline with large construction equipment, but not us. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of JK Landscape barging services.

What is a Barge?

A barge is a flat-bottomed boat used for carrying freight, typically on canals, rivers, and lakes, either under its own power or towed by another. At JK Landscape, we use our barge to transport landscaping machinery, equipment, and supplies right to the shore of waterfront properties. And thanks to a barge’s size and flat bottom, it can pull up close to the shoreline in shallow waters to unload materials with ease.

Damage-Free Landscaping

Working on a landscape with steep slopes, narrow property lines, and obtrusive trees poses a challenge for even the most experienced landscaper. You may notice many companies are not prepared to take on these challenging terrains, but we are. Thanks to our barging services, we are able to transport skid steers, bulldozers, excavators, and more across the water, straight to your shoreline—without risk of damage to your property.

Call the Landscape Professionals

Take your waterfront property up a notch with a custom landscape design from JK Landscape Construction. Whether you’re looking to add rip rap to your shoreline, a new deck to your outdoor entertainment space, or a paver patio for grilling, we look forward to bringing your dream landscape to life.

Contact the professionals today to schedule your upcoming landscape project.

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The Benefits of Retaining Walls for Waterfront Properties

In the land of 10,000 lakes, we Minnesotans love our waterfront properties. With such proximity to lakes, canals, and rivers, the opportunity for waterside fun is endless, especially during cabin season. But owning property on the water is not without its challenges. If your shoreline is not properly protected and maintained, your waterfront home is at risk for flooding, wind damage, and erosion. Installing a retaining wall can help. Read on for the benefits of retaining walls for waterfront properties.

What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls are strong structures designed to hold or “retain” a mass of earth that would otherwise erode or collapse. They are used to contain soil between two different elevations in areas with difficult terrain or undesirable slopes. For waterfront properties, a retaining wall that retains the soil on the backside and the water on the frontside is called a seawall or bulkhead. Retaining walls are typically constructed using many different materials like stones or concrete and are offered in a variety of styles. A colorful, well-designed retaining wall can also add esthetic value to your property.

Retaining wall materials

A retaining wall for your waterfront property can be constructed from a variety of materials. From concrete and stone to steel, timber, or rip rap, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you choose should be based on what’s important to you. The best way to select material is to consider the circumstances of your property now and in the future, as well as your budget and what type of material addresses them best.

  • Cobblestone: using stone adds a beautiful esthetic quality to your property and works well to protect against waves.
  • Concrete: one of the most common types of materials, concrete is durable and lasts for decades.
  • Steel: extremely durable and can last up to fifty years.
  • Rip rap: consists of placing various stones along the shoreline; simple to construct and easy to maintain. Rip rap is also eco-friendly as well.
  • Wood: not as common in Minnesota due to the extreme elements and constant maintenance.
  • Vinyl: available in many colors and provides long-lasting protection for your shoreline.

The Benefits of Retaining Walls

In addition to esthetics and increasing the value of your waterfront property, there are many other benefits to adding a retaining wall:

1. Prevents erosion

Perhaps the number one benefit of constructing a retaining wall is the prevention of shoreline erosion. Shoreline recession is not only caused by the natural flow of water, but ice buildup as well as constant wakes created by boats. As the water pushes against the shore then subsequently recedes, the earth begins to break up and eventually erodes. This reduction in land becomes a big problem for waterfront homeowners on busy waterways as the erosion threatens the property and can lead to costly repairs.  

2. Protection from flooding

Living in the upper Midwest, we all know how much damage storms can cause to our homes. During heavy rainfall, water can rise quickly and lead to devastating flooding which is dangerous for your home and your health as floodwaters carry harmful toxins. Flooding can cause structural damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Retaining walls provide protection from flood waters and keep it from flowing onto your property.

3. An investment that lasts

Many retaining walls have been around for nearly a century. With proper construction and consistent maintenance, your retaining wall can last for decades and protect your property for future generations.

4. Space and cost-effectiveness

Compared to other shoreline defensive structures such as dikes, retaining walls use much less space and are more cost-effective in the long run. They are relatively easy and quick to install so you won’t experience much inconvenience during construction.

A well-constructed, esthetically pleasing retaining wall adds beauty, protection, and value to your waterfront property. If you’re considering installing one, contact the landscaping experts at JK Landscape Construction. Our experienced shoreline restoration professionals will help you choose the best material and design for your property, budget, and lifestyle.

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DIY A Pet-Friendly Backyard

Dogs, cats, rabbits, we want nothing but luxury for man’s best friends. We may find ourselves accommodating to our pets needs more than our own needs. If you find yourself needing more pet-tension while you’re hanging outside, JK Landscape Construction is here to help! Follow along for a few tips and tricks to help DIY your very own pet-friendly backyard.

Pet Protecting Plants

Protecting your animal is a top priority. When it comes to certain plants, foods, and trees, some can be very hazardous to your pet. Lilies, sago palm, daffodil, avocados, apple seeds, and many more can all pose a threat to your pet’s health. Orchids, Boston ferns, aster, cucumbers, sunflower are just some of the non-toxic plants that will help keep your pet out of the hospital and protected in your backyard.  

Sandbox Sanctuary

Can you name anything worse than your pet digging holes in your backyard?! Dried up soil, dead grass, a destroyed garden, we could go on and on. One solution to this problem is a pet sandbox. Having a designated digging zone will help them control their urge to dig holes in the backyard. You can design your own sandbox by using wood, bricks, and you can even add some fun toys for your animal to play with! If you find yourself needing new sod, grass seed, or mulch, contact JK Landscape Construction, our experts are here to help.

Shade for Summer

Summers can get hot. That’s why a shaded spot in your backyard for your pet is a must. Their fur coats provide a lot of warmth, and this can lead to overheating in the summer months. Plant some trees in your backyard, install a pergola or deck, or add an outdoor kitchen for easy access to water. Create a comfortable outdoor space not just for yourself but for your pet, too.

Fresh New Fence

You can open the door to a world of possibilities when you purchase a fence for your yard. Fences provide freedoms like leash free shenanigans, zero outdoor pet supervision, backyard exercise, and so much more. Thinking about fencing in your yard? Here are some well know fence types:

  • Wooden
  • Chain Link
  • Metal
  • Picket
  • Invisible

Extra and Extravagant

There are endless opportunities for a backyard pet playground. If you find your pet whining, and you need to keep them occupied outside for a while as you are washing the dishes, taking care of the baby, or cleaning the garage, we have a few extra and extravagant ideas for you. A rabbit hutch to keep them safe in the backyard; a doggie pool to keep your dog cool from the summer heat; a catio for that lazy cat that wants fresh air and sun. Here are a few more fun suggestions:

  • A dog shower
  • Water and treat station
  • Rabbit patch
  • Goat climber
  • Porch bed
  • Pet playground
  • Fire hydrant
  • Outdoor cat tree
  • Garden path
  • So many more!

Keep your pets happy, safe, and healthy in the comfort of your yard while protecting your landscape from them. Contact JK Landscape Construction for all your landscape service needs like water features, sod, seed, and mulch plus outdoor living needs like decks, Pergolas, or outdoor kitchens.

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Top 2022 Outdoor Kitchen Benefits

Summer is in full swing. The sun is staying up longer, the grass is getting greener, and the smell of hot dogs, burgers, and ribs are in the air. Now is the time to show off your outdoor kitchen space or to start thinking about building one. The professional designers at JK Landscape Construction are ready to help you create an outdoor oasis for the ultimate cooking experience. Read on for more about the benefits of an outdoor kitchen.

Increase Your Living Space

If you constantly feel stranded inside, an outdoor kitchen will help alleviate the winter blues. This space can now be enjoyed by the whole family all season long. Incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your landscape will enable you to make better use of your property that may not even have been stepped on, sat on, or watered in years.

More Time Spent with Family and Friends

Having people over for a barbeque is all about chilling out and being present with family and friends. Outdoor kitchens provide you with the space to cook, quality time to enjoy with everyone while doing so, and you are even able to grab everyone an ice-cold beverage from the built-in mini refrigerator.

More Time Spent Outside

Outdoor kitchens have multiple health benefits. Outdoor kitchen space being outside can provide a little more vitamin D and much needed fresh air, and as Minnesotans we know this is important when it comes to those fleeting warm summer months. Any time spent outside improves sleep, increases happiness, and relieves stress. Kick that seasonal depression by cooking up a delectable meal in your beautiful outdoor space.

Designs Elements

Let’s talk about design. JK Landscape Construction is here to provide quality designs tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We offer outdoor kitchens with a spectacular stage presence – a kitchen that’s sure to sparkle and shine under the sun. It will definitely wow your guests. Here are designs elements for 2022.

  • The u-shape outdoor kitchen maximizes the amount of space you can use for eating, cooking, and entertaining.  
  • A sink is a must for 2022. Wash all your vegetables, cut them up, and get them roasting on the grill.
  • The L- shape will never go out of style. It is clean, compact, and modern.

Top Tier and Trendy

So what’s the latest trends for 2022? Bright colors are so out, warm colors are here to stay! Are you into garden gnomes? You’re in luck – they’re in this year.  If you want some luck in your life, place one in the grass next to your outdoor kitchen. Gather some small planters and start growing your very own mini garden of veggies, fruits, and herbs. Place them on the counter tops of your outdoor kitchen and use your fresh food to cook with! Boho style furniture is also top tier and trendy for 2022 as well as egg chairs, rattan furniture, and natural wood furniture.

Think Outside the Box

If you spend a lot of time outside with family and friends, you may want to think outside the box. How can you make this space different from others? Here are some ideas:

  • Add fun outdoor games like: bags, Spikeball®, Ladder Toss, Bocce Ball, and so many more!
  • A portable bonfire pit to roast your smores and to warm your toes up at night.
  • A pizza over, yum!
  • Smokers are all the rage in 2022
  • Add a TV for all your outdoor sports entertainment.

Exceeding Expectations

Have we convinced you to start thinking about building your dream outdoor kitchen? JK Landscape Construction has been exceeding our customer’s expectations one design at a time since 2006. We partner with top suppliers for all your outdoor kitchen design project needs. Our design experts want to make an impact on your outdoor space. Contact JK Landscape today.

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