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Construction loader performing winter landscaping.

Winter Landscaping Projects for Your Lakefront Property

Many people don’t think of tackling landscaping projects during the winter. But every season brings its own landscaping opportunities, and winter is no exception. This is especially true for lakefront properties, where steep shorelines and remote locations make them difficult to access during the summer. When the lake or river freezes over, however, these areas become much more accessible. Continue reading as we explore various winter landscaping projects for lakefront properties.

Shoreline Transformation

If you have a steep shoreline on your property, you likely understand the difficulty of completing landscaping work on it, especially if heavy equipment is needed. Maintaining your balance to avoid falling into the water while working is no easy feat. But if the ice is thick enough during the winter, this problem goes away. We can drive any heavy machinery or equipment you need right up to the shore’s edge. This provides a large, flat working area. Is your shoreline crowded with brush, buckthorn, or small trees that obstruct your view of the lake and prevent you from planting your own flowers and shrubs? Winter is the perfect time to clear all that out.

Rip Rap Installation

Shorelines are a beautiful feature of waterfront properties, but they are vulnerable to various damage. The biggest danger facing your shoreline is erosion. If left unchecked, the constant beating of waves against the shore can cause significant loss of land. Critters such as muskrats often burrow along the water’s edge, which can destabilize the soil and create further erosion. Expanding ice during the winter also contributes to this issue. The best way to protect your shoreline from erosion is with professionally installed rip rap. We’ll transport the heavy stones across the ice and place them on the shore to shield your land all year long. When the ice melts, the rip rap will already be in position at the water’s edge.

Beach Sand Delivery

Inclement weather and the passage of time can gradually wash away your soft beach sand or harm its appearance. This is an easy project to take care of during the winter when you’re not as busy with other landscaping work. As with rip rap, thick ice makes it easy for us to deliver large quantities of fresh, high-quality sand without driving heavy machinery over your lawn. We can even place the sand on the ice along your shoreline, so that when it melts in the spring, the sand will drop into the water. This is an easy way to install new sand in your swimming area and protect your feet from sharp rocks and shells.

Contact JK Landscape Construction

As we’ve seen, winter landscaping is the perfect opportunity to transform lakefront properties. Whatever project you’re considering, the experts at JK Landscape have the knowledge and experience to help you accomplish it. Contact us today to discuss ideas for your lakeshore landscape!

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Four Ways to Protect Your Shoreline from Erosion

Unfortunately, shoreline erosion is a natural process that occurs when waves and currents wear away the shoreline. Over time, this erosion can lead to the loss of land, damage to infrastructure, and harm to the natural environment. But with the help of JK Landscape, your shorelines will stay intact and untouched. Continue reading our blog to learn how you can protect your landscape with a variety of shoreline erosion control tactics. 

JK Landscape Erosion Control Options

The experts at JK Landscape Construction employ several erosion control methods to protect your shoreline from severe damage. This includes, erosion control blankets, drainage systems, and riprap installation. Additionally, vegetation can be planted along the shoreline to help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. Let’s dive into the benefits of each of these options.

Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets are a popular and effective way to prevent soil erosion in a variety of settings. These blankets consist of a layer of natural or synthetic material. They often reinforced with netting, that is placed over exposed soil to protect it from wind and water erosion. They’re a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of ensuring your landscape escapes the damage of erosion.

Drainage Systems

If your landscape includes steep slopes, your JK Landscape Construction shoreline restoration expert may also recommend a drainage system. A drainage system will divert rain and keep it from running down the slope. The idea of rainwater washing away your landscape may be hard to believe, but over time the damage will become more obvious if this issue is not controlled.

Planting Indigenous Vegetation

If you’re looking to add more vegetation to your landscape, native plants do a fantastic job of holding the soil together and keeping it from being washed away by heavy rain and rough waves. Add a mix of native plants to your shoreline to not only complete the look of your landscape but also protect its integrity.


Riprap is a common erosion control measure that is used along shorelines, riverbanks, and other areas where soil erosion can be a problem. It consists of a layer of large stones or other materials placed along the edge of the shoreline or riverbank to protect against wave action, water currents, and other sources of erosion. This erosion control option is aesthetic, improves water quality, and is low maintenance.

Shoreline erosion repair services are essential for protecting our coasts and waterways. By preventing further erosion and restoring damaged areas, these solutions help preserve the ecological health of our natural environments and protect the economic benefits they provide. If you’re concerned about the shoreline on your property, contact us to learn more.

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Waterfront Protection Made Easy

Owning waterfront property is a dream for many. The stellar views and relaxing echoes of nature take the crown when it comes time to purchase land. Make sure your lakeside acreage is meeting its full potential by staying on top of important maintenance and upkeep. Last year, we discussed the importance of protecting your shoreline, so now let’s take a deep dive into waterfront protection and what the professionals at JK Landscape can do for you.

What Is Shoreline Restoration and Why Do We Need It?

Shoreline restoration is imperative to the longevity of your property line. The best way to protect your waterfront square footage is by adding rip rap. Rip rap or “rock armor” is used to mend current shoreline deterioration and minimize any future problems. Lining your shore with rip rap will prevent damage from severe weather, ice, and destructive animals, as well as save you time and money down the road! Our specialists are trained to evaluate each individual property based on the steepness of the slope and speed of water movement to determine if additional erosion control methods are needed. Leverage this defensive “rock armor” to prevent future damage to your property.

Damage Free Restoration

At JK Landscape we provide barging services to lakefront homes and cabins. Lakeshore erosion control is made easy with our barging services as we transport all heavy equipment, supplies, and products across the lake without risking any destruction to your property. We take pride in our efforts to leave your property undamaged. Rest easy knowing your land is in the hands of JK Landscaping. 

If you have questions about potential erosion, contact the professionals at JK Landscape today. Our experienced team is happy to investigate your concerns and discuss an individualized plan of waterfront protection.

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On the Waterfront: Be Sure to Protect Your Shoreline

Owning waterfront property often comes with additional responsibilities, including shoreline maintenance and upkeep. Caring for lakeside land requires attention to each characteristic of the area to keep your yard looking great and prevent erosion. Learn why it’s important to protect your shoreline and some steps you can take to do just that.

Part of a system

A healthy water environment depends on the vitality its surroundings. Waterfront land is a great spot for relaxing, fishing, or enjoying nature. Additionally, the shoreline helps filter stormwater runoff as it makes its way into the lake or river. This area is part of a system that keeps fish, plants, animals, and water working in a balanced way, so protecting it from erosion or restoring it is essential.


Your shoreline is a cooperative effort to provide for the needs of the land and the desires of the people. Be sure the majority of the area consists of stabilizing plants, shrubs, and vegetation to help curb deterioration and improve water quality. Use only about one quarter of the waterfront for personal enjoyment, such as boat docks or swimming areas.

Restoring and maintaining a hardy shoreline helps:

  • Absorb waves and prevent erosion
  • Improve water quality
  • Provide wildlife habitat
  • Establish a more natural environment

Trusted landscaping professionals

The trusted experts at JK Landscape offer services to help protect your shoreline.

Rip rap, also known as “rock armor,” uses rock or other materials to mend current shoreline deterioration and prevent further property damage.

Natural plant buffers help keep shoreline grounds from washing away. Our landscape professionals will assess the soil, location, available sunlight, and drainage around your lakeshore to determine which types of vegetation will flourish on your property.

Our team is trained to evaluate properties to determine whether other erosion control methods are needed. Those approaches might include utilizing drainage systems, erosion control blankets, and terraces to fix any existing problems and prevent future issues.

We also provide barging services for lake homes or cabins with shorelines that are difficult to navigate through regular avenues.

Be sure to protect your shoreline so you can enjoy your waterfront property for years and decades to come. If you have questions about potential erosion or other lakeshore or riverfront issues, contact the professionals at JK Landscape. Our experienced team can examine and correct any concerns to restore your property and peace of mind.

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4 Ways Shoreline Restoration Can Be Accomplished

Owning a house on a lake is a pleasure, but it does require shoreline maintenance, which is far trickier than maintaining a regular lawn. If the shoreline at your lake house is just mud and dirt, and you’re struggling to get plants to root, calling a shoreline restoration professional is helpful. Below are three of the ways they’ll make your lake house beautiful.

4 Methods of Shoreline Restoration

  1. Regrading the Slope
    A steep grade on the land leading up to the lake increases the rate of erosion, making it difficult to get grass and other plants to take root. In some cases, a mild regrade will be adequate to limit topsoil erosion. On steeper slopes, a retaining wall can keep the earth from washing into the lake.
  2. Placing Small Boulder Rocks Along the Shoreline
    Using natural boulder rock piled alongside the lake can act as a buffer between the shoreline and the water. This is known as rip rap, and not only is it a visually pleasing solution, but it also requires little maintenance. Sourcing and placing the stones is a difficult DIY project, and it’s better to leave this project to the pros.
  3. Adding Indigenous Plants
    If you want a touch of the wild on your property, native plants do a fantastic job of holding the soil together and keeping it from being washed away by heavy rain. A robust mix of native plants also looks beautiful, but there is small maintenance to this as well. Visit our website for more instruction on how to maintain your native plants. 
  4. Drainage Systems
    If you prefer a neatly groomed appearance for your shoreline, but still want to limit erosion, manmade erosion control blankets help the soil stay in place during rains. On steep slopes, your shoreline restoration expert may also recommend a drainage system that will divert rain and keep it from running down the slope.

Need a shoreline restoration professional on your side in Clearwater, MN? JK Landscape Construction specializes in shoreline solutions, as well as water feature construction, landscape design, hardscaping, and patio installation. To learn more about their services, visit their website and call (320) 558-4445 to discuss your project.

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