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3 Ways to Get the Landscaping Ready for Summer

While the right design adds a boost of aesthetic appeal year-round, summer is when landscaping truly shines. Yet, to get it to that stage, homeowners need to complete a few simple maintenance steps in spring. Follow these three measures to keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. 

1. Trim Back the Foliage

  1. Trim Back the Foliage
    To pave the way for optimal summer growth, you need to begin shaping shrubbery and trees around your lawn. The goal is to remove any dead or damaging sections to prevent them from stealing vital nutrients from other areas of the plant. The step also helps you create and maintain a visually-pleasing shape. Be sure to pay close attention when trimming plants near the home. You want to remove any branches or leaves that may provide access to warm-weather pests. This is also an excellent time to pick up any remaining winter debris, like twigs and leaves.  
  2. Add Mulch
    Wood mulch is a popular aspect of landscape designs because of its aesthetic and functional qualities. Not only does it create a visually impactful contrast next to grass and plants, but it also keeps the soil moist. For that reason, it’s an incredibly beneficial tool during hot and dry summer months. If your design features mulch already, consider replacing it with new materials for optimal performance. 
  3. Mow Regularly
    Most homeowners know that mowing is an essential step from spring to fall. However, not everyone understands the importance of frequency. Keeping the blades below three inches throughout spring and the beginning of summer helps reduce the risk of pest and wildlife infestations that are attracted to long grass. It also creates that perfectly polished finish that so many are after. 

Set your landscaping up for success by starting off with the right design from JK Landscape Construction in Clearwater, MN. Homeowners across the Stearns and Wright counties turn to the skilled team for eye-catching, high-end lawn layouts. From sod placement to landscape lighting and mulch, the local business is committed to enhancing properties using quality products. Browse their services online and request a consultation today at (320) 558-4445.

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3 Ideas for Designing a Multi-Functional Outdoor Living Space

From decks and seating areas to fully functional outdoor kitchens, there’s no shortage of fantastic ideas for outdoor living spaces. The ideal one for your home shouldn’t be about what’s trending; it’s one that centers around your lifestyle. Here are some ideas to help you prioritize your wants and optimize your outdoor space.

3 Outdoor Living Space Ideas 

  1. The Entertainment Space
    If barbecues are essential, consider building a space that facilitates cooking and dining. Add an outdoor kitchen, complete with appliances and ample space for food preparation. In conjunction with your outdoor kitchen, you’ll need plenty of room for seating. Keep your kitchen and seating area close so you can easily carry food to hungry guests or talk while cooking. 
  2. The Pool
    Use the space around a pool to create comfortable places for people to lounge and dine. Divide the area into quadrants as you start to design your space. One long side could be designated for lounging, for example. Place several chaise lounges on that side with umbrellas and tables for placing cool drinks. Use one side for food and dining with a grill and a table for dining al fresco. On the two short sides, you can add additional seating or consider a water feature, such as a waterfall or fountain. 
  3. The Indoor to Outdoor Space 
    Blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor space by creating a seamless flow between them. Imagine a back door to your home that leads to a patio covered with a pergola or screened-in porch that fluidly transitions into the outside. Fill your outdoor covered area with the comforts of the indoors to make it feel like an airy room of your house. Consider comfortable seating for entertaining, like wicker sofas and rattan chairs, or place a day bed or hammock out there for afternoon naps in the sunshine. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor space, turn to JK Landscape Construction in Clearwater, MN. They specialize in creating gorgeous outdoor spaces ranging from outdoor kitchens to decks and paver patios that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. They take the time to work with you to determine what you want out of your outdoor space and make it a reality. Learn more about their services online or call them today at (320) 558-4445 to get started.

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A guide to landscape lighting

Once you plant foliage, add mulch, and install hardscaping in your lawn and garden, you might want to showcase your outdoor areas at night. Strategically placed lighting will transform your landscaping after the sun goes down, showcasing your favorite parts of your lot and making the whole space feel more magical. Here are a few ideas on where to put lights in your landscape design.

4 Lighting Ideas for Landscaping

  1. Highlighting
    If you have trees, bushes, or trellises you want to stand out at night, install spotlights at their bases. Experiment with the distance of the lights. Putting them closer to the greenery or objects you wish to feature will illuminate them more precisely while placing them further away will highlight a broader area.
  2. Path Lighting
    Adding lighting to walkways and pathways in your lawn and garden will make them more accessible at night. Angle the lights downward to create a soft glow that won’t cause a glare or install in-grade lights directly into the surface of the pavement.
  3. moonlighting
    If you want the illusion of natural moonlight throughout your outdoor areas, install lights high up in your trees. Angle them downward to create beautiful shadows throughout your garden. Select bulbs in a warmer temperature for a soft glow that will make the space feel enchanting.
  4. Silhouettes
    If you want to feature any perfectly trimmed bushes or topiaries in your landscaping, add lighting behind them. Doing so will silhouette them against the light, accenting their unique shapes.

When you’re ready to beautify your outdoor areas with landscape lighting, get in touch with JK Landscape Construction. They offer landscaping, hardscaping, water features, and patio installations to clients throughout Clearwater, MN. Call (320) 558-4445 to get started on your landscape design, request an estimate, and book an appointment. Visit our website to learn more about the many outdoor living solutions they provide.

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