A guide to landscape lighting

Once you plant foliage, add mulch, and install hardscaping in your lawn and garden, you might want to showcase your outdoor areas at night. Strategically placed lighting will transform your landscaping after the sun goes down, showcasing your favorite parts of your lot and making the whole space feel more magical. Here are a few ideas on where to put lights in your landscape design.

4 Lighting Ideas for Landscaping

  1. Highlighting
    If you have trees, bushes, or trellises you want to stand out at night, install spotlights at their bases. Experiment with the distance of the lights. Putting them closer to the greenery or objects you wish to feature will illuminate them more precisely while placing them further away will highlight a broader area.
  2. Path Lighting
    Adding lighting to walkways and pathways in your lawn and garden will make them more accessible at night. Angle the lights downward to create a soft glow that won’t cause a glare or install in-grade lights directly into the surface of the pavement.
  3. moonlighting
    If you want the illusion of natural moonlight throughout your outdoor areas, install lights high up in your trees. Angle them downward to create beautiful shadows throughout your garden. Select bulbs in a warmer temperature for a soft glow that will make the space feel enchanting.
  4. Silhouettes
    If you want to feature any perfectly trimmed bushes or topiaries in your landscaping, add lighting behind them. Doing so will silhouette them against the light, accenting their unique shapes.

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