4 things to Consider When Adding a Water Feature in Your Yard

A water feature can add style and elegance to your backyard landscaping. However, installing a waterfall or pond takes careful planning. The following are some of the most essential factors to consider before purchasing a water feature for your front or back yard.

  1. Where Will You Install It?
    First, consider how large you want the water feature to be and which parts of your yard may accommodate it. You should also ensure that the feature is in a higher part of your yard, as installing it on low ground can cause flooding after it rains. If you plan to include plants around your water feature, be sure that the spot receives enough sun. It can also be helpful to consider the location from the inside of your home. You want to see the water feature inside as well as out, so you can enjoy it during all times of the year. Remember that a landscaping professional can help you select a spot where the pond or waterfall will look best. 
  2. Will Local Regulations Affect Placement?
    Any time you dig into the ground, you need to check local regulations and zoning codes. Check whether you need a permit to install a water feature in your lawn and review your neighborhood’s regulations if you are part of a homeowner’s association. You will also want your utility company to visit your yard and map out underground gas and electric lines. They will also locate the most convenient grounded outlet, so you can safely plug in the pump. 
  3. Do You Want Fish?
    If you are installing a pond, you might consider adding fish. However, you need to be prepared to care for these animals. Fish move to the bottom of the pond during the winter to survive the cold, so make sure that the pond is deep enough to only freeze on the surface. You will also need to run a pump or aerator through the winter to supply oxygen to the fish. 
  4. What Is Your Budget?
    When planning a water feature in your yard, it’s important to think beyond the immediate costs. While you will need to pay for the materials and installation, you will also be responsible for maintenance costs. This can include cleaning supplies, thermometers, and water costs. Your landscaping company can help you understand all of the expenses involved, so they can recommend a feature to fit your budget. 

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