4 Ways Shoreline Restoration Can Be Accomplished

Owning a house on a lake is a pleasure, but it does require shoreline maintenance, which is far trickier than maintaining a regular lawn. If the shoreline at your lake house is just mud and dirt, and you’re struggling to get plants to root, calling a shoreline restoration professional is helpful. Below are three of the ways they’ll make your lake house beautiful.

4 Methods of Shoreline Restoration

  1. Regrading the Slope
    A steep grade on the land leading up to the lake increases the rate of erosion, making it difficult to get grass and other plants to take root. In some cases, a mild regrade will be adequate to limit topsoil erosion. On steeper slopes, a retaining wall can keep the earth from washing into the lake.
  2. Placing Small Boulder Rocks Along the Shoreline
    Using natural boulder rock piled alongside the lake can act as a buffer between the shoreline and the water. This is known as rip rap, and not only is it a visually pleasing solution, but it also requires little maintenance. Sourcing and placing the stones is a difficult DIY project, and it’s better to leave this project to the pros.
  3. Adding Indigenous Plants
    If you want a touch of the wild on your property, native plants do a fantastic job of holding the soil together and keeping it from being washed away by heavy rain. A robust mix of native plants also looks beautiful, but there is small maintenance to this as well. Visit our website for more instruction on how to maintain your native plants. 
  4. Drainage Systems
    If you prefer a neatly groomed appearance for your shoreline, but still want to limit erosion, manmade erosion control blankets help the soil stay in place during rains. On steep slopes, your shoreline restoration expert may also recommend a drainage system that will divert rain and keep it from running down the slope.

Need a shoreline restoration professional on your side in Clearwater, MN? JK Landscape Construction specializes in shoreline solutions, as well as water feature construction, landscape design, hardscaping, and patio installation. To learn more about their services, visit their website and call (320) 558-4445 to discuss your project.

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