Common Questions About Grubs & Landscaping

During the hot summer months, many lawns throughout Minnesota aren’t as lush and green as they should be. One of the culprits behind the lackluster landscaping is grubs, which can wreak havoc on grass if left unchecked. Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions about these insects and how they can affect your landscaping.  

4 FAQ About Grubs & Landscaping

  1. What are white grubs?
    They are the larvae of certain destructive beetles like the May & June, Japanese, and European chafer species. White grubs are small, pale, and plump, and they are often c-shaped. They live beneath the soil surface and feed on grass roots.
  2. How can I tell if my lawn has grubs?
    One of the easiest ways to detect a grub problem is to pull sod away from the ground. If it moves easily, the grass root system isn’t anchored to the soil and may have been eaten by the larvae. Also, look for the grubs themselves. If you see more than 10 per square foot, you have an infestation.  
  3. Can grubs damage my lawn?
    Because these larvae eat grass plant roots, they can cause unsightly yellow patches to appear on lawns that resemble drought. Eventually, the grass will wilt, especially if there are a large number of grubs in the soil. The damage from white grubs may be more apparent if your lawn doesn’t receive enough moisture to accommodate both the presence of grass plants and the larvae. You can also sustain damages from birds or raccoons digging into the ground to eat the grubs.
  4. How should I treat a lawn with a grub infestation?
    The best way to control grubs is to exterminate them before they hatch. Because they thrive during the early summer months and feed until mid-fall, it’s best to apply a preventative grub control product to your grass in the springtime. You can also contact landscaping professionals for additional treatments and to bring thriving green grass back to your yard.

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