What to Know Before You Get Cooking Outside

More and more, outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular backyard feature. Maybe you’re considering adding one to your yard. There are a few things to consider during your planning process. Here’s what to know before you get cooking outside with your newly installed outdoor kitchen.

Backyard Benefits

If you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, chances are you’ve already considered such an attraction’s many benefits. In addition to making and serving up tasty dishes for your family, an outdoor kitchen also allows you to:

  • Add to your home’s value with this functional and practical landscaping.
  • Expand your living space with another place to cook and serve meals as well as entertain.
  • Save money on utilities, as you’ll spend more time outdoors.
  • Keep the inside of your home fresh and fragrant, since meals will be prepared outside.

What’s more, there’s something to be said for the convenience factor. With an outdoor kitchen – depending on the options you include – you’ll save time and energy running to and from the house to grab this or because you forgot that. This cooking and gathering space has everything you need to stay put, entertain, and enjoy.

Fantastic Features

Now that you know some of the benefits, think about some of the features you’ll want included with your outdoor kitchen. With so many options for customization, the sky is the limit to create your space and get cooking outside.

You may want something simple, like a standard gas grill, a small countertop space for prep, and a refrigerator. But maybe you’re thinking long-term and big picture. You may want more than one grill or a large area for food prep and dining. Maybe you have your heart set on a full-size refrigerator or a wine fridge; storage for dishes, utensils, and nonperishables; or even a brick pizza oven.

Fashion and Formation

You know you want an outdoor kitchen, but do you know where in your yard you’d like it to go? Consider where things might best fit and what type of layout makes sense, based on the available space. How do you want your kitchen to look and feel? Make sure you have enough space for foot traffic as well as functionality.

And then consider the arrangement. Will your kitchen work best in a straight, galley-style formation? Maybe an L-shape will fit better with your backyard space and the features you want. You might have the room and wish list for a U-shaped layout, or maybe you want a center island in the mix. A design professional can help you determine the best options for your space and desired accessories.

Extravagant Extras

Depending on the time you plan to spend in your outdoor kitchen area, you may want to add some extra flair. Keep the entertainment going long after sunset with landscape lighting. Whether you prefer lanterns, hanging bulbs, sconces, or other types of fixtures, a little bit of light adds ambiance as well as safety and can really make your outdoor space feel cozy.

Like music? Who doesn’t? Adding outdoor speakers in or around your kitchen can help introduce a cool or relaxing vibe when you’re cooking, dining, or sitting at the outdoor bar.

Pick a Professional

Once you’ve covered what to know before you get cooking outdoors, you’ll want to hire a qualified team to carry out the installation of your new outdoor kitchen. The specialized designers, knowledgeable landscapers, and accomplished construction professionals at JK Landscape can transform all your ideas into reality. We deliver the most timely and superior service using the highest-quality materials, so you’re sure to fall in love with your newly designed outdoor space. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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