Green-up Your Yard This Season

We’re in the swing of spring, but your lawn still probably looks a little sad from the never-ending winter. Summer will be here soon enough, so now is the time to start gathering ideas for a lush lawn. The professionals at JK Landscape have just the thing. Keep reading for tips on how to green-up your yard this season.

All About Watering

The biggest keys to watering your yard is to properly know when and how to do it.

Morning is the best time for watering. The early hours allow enough time for the soil to adequately soak in the water before the later-day sun can dry it up. Excessive dampness from nighttime watering can damage your grass and may promote lawn disease or fungus.

Also, using hot water to quench your lawn can scorch the roots and potentially kill the grass. Be sure to roll up hoses after each use so the water empties from them. Keep hoses out of the sun to help prevent them from heating up and sprinkling hot water on your yard.

Another miscue to watch for is how you’re watering. Set up sprinklers so the watered area covers your lawn instead of the sidewalk, driveway, or road.

Develop Deep Roots

Some homeowners water their lawns every day. And while it helps keep the grass green, it may do a disservice to the foundation of the yard.

Rather than every day, water your lawn at regular-but-staggered intervals. Maybe soak it thoroughly a few times each week. Doing this will help the grass develop a deeper root system for stronger and denser turf.

Aerate for Better Results

A healthy lawn needs water, but it also needs to breathe. To ensure your yard is getting the air it needs, consider aeration.

The aeration process involves making small holes in the grass and soil to allow your yard to get the water, air, and nutrients it needs. The roots can extend further into the soil, allowing the grass to grow lush and green. You can do this yourself with a manual tool or machinery, or you can have a certified lawn care team do it for you.

Trim with Care

During summer months, keeping your grass longer will help keep it healthier. Raise the deck of your lawnmower to ensure an ideal trim height to prevent the grass from drying out and potentially being damaged by the sun.

Watering schedules and rain usually determine how often you need to mow. But try not to mow too often; mow just enough so your yard is neat and well-kept while allowing the grass to grow and flourish.

Call on JK Landscape

These ideas to green-up your yard this season should go a long way toward making your lawn one of the best on the block this summer. If you run into issues or need help, the lawn care experts at JK Landscape have the training, tools, and tricks to make your yard the stunning oasis that will make your neighbors jealous. Contact us today with your lawn care questions or concerns or to discuss landscaping projects to make your property stand out.

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