When Is the Best Time to Start Landscaping Projects?

When is the best time to start landscaping projects? It’s a question many homeowners ask, especially now as the longer, warmer days of spring and summer get closer. Read on as we discuss why you should begin planning now, as well as the benefits of starting landscaping work in spring.

Begin Planning During Winter

Considering Minnesota’s climate, it’s no surprise that spring–fall marks the busy season for landscapers. For one, the snow and freezing temps present unhealthy conditions for new trees, shrubs, and plants to thrive. Additionally, frozen soil makes it extremely difficult to dig holes for landscaping structures and features.

However, winter is the perfect time to begin planning. Advantages of staying ahead of the busy season include:

  • A more relaxed pace during the planning stages to ensure the design(s) match your vision.
  • Submitting necessary permit and approval applications early helps ensure that you’ll be ready to be cleared when it comes time to break ground.
  • Early planning provides access to a wider selection of plant materials before competition increases during the busy spring planting season.
  • Landscapers tend to have more convenient scheduling options during the off-season, making it easier to book an appointment and get started.
  • Planning and starting the project early allows for better timelines and earlier completion, allowing you to enjoy your new landscape sooner.

That’s not to say that some winter landscaping isn’t possible. In fact, sometimes it’s necessary. JK Landscape provides professional rip rap (AKA “rock armor) installation to repair and prevent shoreline damage, snow removal and ice control, and more. Contact us to learn more about our lakeshore winter services.

The Benefits of Spring Landscaping

With the snow and ice gone and the weather getting warmer, spring is the ideal time for work to begin. Generally, it’s best to start construction when temperatures remain above 45–50 degrees. Benefits of spring landscaping include:

  • The ground has thawed and softened, making it easy to dig holes for new structures, features, and plants.
  • Mid to late spring is considered “mulching season,” as the soil has had time to warm up following winter and allows time for the plants to establish throughout the summer and fall.
  • Additionally, planting new shrubs, trees, and perennials early on helps ensure they have time to acclimate and establish a strong root system for surviving Minnesota’s harsh winters.
  • As previously mentioned, planning in winter and starting construction early allows you to beat the rush. You’ll have better scheduling, quicker turnaround, and more time to enjoy the final product.

The Final Word: Get Started Today!

So, when is the best time to start landscaping projects? The real first step is planning, and the time for that is now. The design and installation specialists at JK Landscape have the experience and expertise to ensure success and satisfaction. We’ll make sure the soil is ready for optimal planting and plant care, work with you to create a design you’ll love, and then bring it to life with prompt and professional construction.

Browse our project gallery to see our exceptional services in action. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a meeting.

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