Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2023

With the beginning of a new year also marks the beginning of new technology, new movies, and new trends. Trends can take form in clothing, food, and, our favorite, outdoor kitchens. From built-in storage to smart technology, your outdoor kitchen could have it all. We may still be in the colder months, but spring is on its way. This is the best time to start planning for your outdoor kitchen. Follow along as we share with you the outdoor kitchen trends of 2023.


There’s nothing like convenience in the year 2023. Imagine that you gathered all your ingredients and cooking utensils and are headed to your outdoor kitchen in the backyard. Oh no, you forgot an ingredient and have to walk all the way back inside. No one wants that. Built-in storage is all the rage this year; you can add cabinet drawers, a dry storage pantry, warming drawers, and so much more. Can’t decide on a built-in? Our JK Landscape professionals can help you design a stylish and functional outdoor kitchen.

The Incorporation of Smart Technology

Technology is forever developing in our world. Incorporating technology into your outdoor kitchen might be one of the smartest things you can do. Through an app on your phone, you can conveniently control your grill, fridge, and oven from the palm of your hand. Another bonus is purchasing a smart meat thermometer so you can check the temperature of what you are cooking whenever you want, right from your phone or tablet.

Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

Comfort is key when it comes to being outside. We are obsessed with oversized chairs and couches that are perfect for kicking back on a beautiful summer day. For 2023, the expression “bold and bright” comes to mind. Try out different shades, like the Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta, don’t be afraid to expand your outdoor kitchen color palette. Here’s our list of other hot, trending outdoor furniture ideas for this year.

  • Sustainable materials like bamboo
  • Waterproof chairs and tables
  • Curved lines
  • Multi-purpose spaces
  • Work-from-home outdoor space
  • Mood lighting
  • Outdoor grilling tables

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The beginning of 2023 holds the key to many new trends. As the air gets warmer and the snow starts to melt, outdoor kitchen trends are ramping up. From smart technology to outdoor furniture, we want to provide you with convenience and comfort. If you are unsure how to start your outdoor kitchen project, the JK Landscape professionals are here to provide you with the correct guidance and support. Contact JK Landscape to get started on the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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