Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Excavator

Many landscape projects may require dramatic modifications to your property. For example, correcting soil erosion or installing a drainage system involves moving large amounts of earth. Attempting to complete these tasks on your own can be quite difficult and often involves renting and operating heavy machinery. That’s where hiring a professional landscape excavator can save you a lot of time and stress. Continue reading to explore different types of excavation services and what projects they might help with.

General Landscape Maintenance

Sometimes, your landscape just needs a little love to keep it healthy and beautiful. A professional landscape excavator can remove unwanted or unsightly brush, overgrown plants, stumps, and even trees. Thinking about planting a new garden, shrubs, or trees? A landscaper can examine the soil and make any necessary modifications to help your new plants thrive.

Grading and Leveling

Grading is the process of leveling out your land or giving it a specific slope, and it’s useful for many reasons. If you are preparing to build a new house or other structure on your land, you’ll want to make sure the ground is level before laying the foundation. A professional landscaper can also compact the soil to ensure it’s sturdy enough to bear the weight of a building. Grading can also correct soil erosion and leaning by removing unwanted slopes, or it can add slopes to ensure proper water drainage. Grading can also remove unwanted or dangerous bumps and depressions in your lawn.

Installing New Structures

Professional excavation services can help you prepare your landscape for a variety of new structures, features, and hardscapes. Installing a new patio or driveway requires grass removal, soil grading, and compaction. If you’re thinking about installing a new basement, swimming pool, or pond, you’ll need a professional excavator to safely remove large amounts of earth and transport it offsite. They can also help you install a new drainage system such as a culvert or French drain to prevent water from pooling around your property. Building a new retaining wall or fence can also require landscape modification that is best handled by a professional.

Shoreline Repair

Lakefront properties are beautiful but come with unique challenges. A damaged or eroded shoreline can endanger your whole landscape and reduce the land on your property. A professional landscape excavator can repair your shoreline and install protective measures such as drainage systems, terraces, and rip rap.

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A professional landscaper can provide excavation services to aid you in many types of projects. Whatever project you are dreaming of for your landscape, let the experts at JK Landscape help. Our work is fast, efficient, and effective. Ready to start your next project? Contact us today.

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