Winter Landscaping Projects for Your Lakefront Property

Many people don’t think of tackling landscaping projects during the winter. But every season brings its own landscaping opportunities, and winter is no exception. This is especially true for lakefront properties, where steep shorelines and remote locations make them difficult to access during the summer. When the lake or river freezes over, however, these areas become much more accessible. Continue reading as we explore various winter landscaping projects for lakefront properties.

Shoreline Transformation

If you have a steep shoreline on your property, you likely understand the difficulty of completing landscaping work on it, especially if heavy equipment is needed. Maintaining your balance to avoid falling into the water while working is no easy feat. But if the ice is thick enough during the winter, this problem goes away. We can drive any heavy machinery or equipment you need right up to the shore’s edge. This provides a large, flat working area. Is your shoreline crowded with brush, buckthorn, or small trees that obstruct your view of the lake and prevent you from planting your own flowers and shrubs? Winter is the perfect time to clear all that out.

Rip Rap Installation

Shorelines are a beautiful feature of waterfront properties, but they are vulnerable to various damage. The biggest danger facing your shoreline is erosion. If left unchecked, the constant beating of waves against the shore can cause significant loss of land. Critters such as muskrats often burrow along the water’s edge, which can destabilize the soil and create further erosion. Expanding ice during the winter also contributes to this issue. The best way to protect your shoreline from erosion is with professionally installed rip rap. We’ll transport the heavy stones across the ice and place them on the shore to shield your land all year long. When the ice melts, the rip rap will already be in position at the water’s edge.

Beach Sand Delivery

Inclement weather and the passage of time can gradually wash away your soft beach sand or harm its appearance. This is an easy project to take care of during the winter when you’re not as busy with other landscaping work. As with rip rap, thick ice makes it easy for us to deliver large quantities of fresh, high-quality sand without driving heavy machinery over your lawn. We can even place the sand on the ice along your shoreline, so that when it melts in the spring, the sand will drop into the water. This is an easy way to install new sand in your swimming area and protect your feet from sharp rocks and shells.

Contact JK Landscape Construction

As we’ve seen, winter landscaping is the perfect opportunity to transform lakefront properties. Whatever project you’re considering, the experts at JK Landscape have the knowledge and experience to help you accomplish it. Contact us today to discuss ideas for your lakeshore landscape!

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