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It’s a fact – Minnesota winters are harsh and unpredictable. But improper snow or ice removal can wreak havoc on your lake home’s outdoor space causing cracks and potholes, as well as premature beach erosion. Let our experts protect your landscape with our lakeshore winter services. From snow removal and ice control to beach sand delivery, we ensure your property is properly cared for and safe for you and your family all year round. 

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Removing snow from your commercial property in the dead of winter is not only inconvenient, it’s time consuming as well. The professionals at JK Landscape Construction can help with all your commercial snow removal needs. Whether you need high capacity plowing or minor shoveling, we’ll clear your high-traffic areas in no time, regardless of the size of your property.

During our harsh Midwest winters, ice can be just as dangerous and damaging as snow. Black ice is difficult to see and can lead to severe accidents if not melted properly. Our ice control services will prevent ice from building up on high-traffic areas like driveways, steps, and walkways, keeping you and your property safe during the winter months.

No matter how cold it gets in Minnesota, it’s never too early to start thinking of summer on the lake. While inclement weather can take its toll on your beachfront, repairing it properly can be equally as challenging. That’s why we offer beach sand delivery services in the winter months, driving our equipment over ice to deliver fresh, high quality sand before summer rolls around.

Eroding shoreline on your lakefront property is not only unsightly, it can result in loss of land due to severe weather, ice, or destructive animals like muskrats. Professionally installed rip rap or “rock armor” on the shoreline can repair existing erosion issues and prevent future damage to your property, saving you time and money in costly repairs down the road.

  • " We are so grateful! "

    We are grateful for JK Landscape for taking on our "ugly" project. We appreciate all you did on our behalf to finish this project on so many levels, including working with the county and townships. The end result is a much more attractive, functional driveway, patio and garden bed. The retaining wall looks great.

    Brian & Charise Schutz
  • " They did an amazing job! "

    They did an amazing job! I could not be happier with the team out here every single day working hard, being very meticulous on the boulder walls. I now have a functional hill I can actually use for many, many years.

    Josh  |  Maple Lake, MN
  • " We truly appreciate it! "

    Thank you so much for the hard work and professionalism you dedicated to our lakeshore landscaping project. We truly appreciate it.

    Bart & Amy
  • " I would recommend in a heartbeat. "

    JK Landscape did a great job on our shoreline. They also took care of the permitting. The crew cleaned up the area at the end of each day and left the path to the shoreline better than it was before. They went above and beyond in completing the project. I would recommend JK in a heartbeat.

    Charles B.
  • " I highly recommend JK Landscape! "

    JK Landscape remodeled our shoreline. They took care of all the permitting, county approval meetings, and lawn restoration. I highly recommend JK Landscape!

    Peter S.
  • " Timely and professional! "

    The guys at JK Landscape did a great job with our landscaping project around our pool. They were very timely and professional. They were great about being able to work around a tough schedule with other trades coming in and out during our build. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing landscaping done!

    Ashley A.
  • " Prompt and thorough! "

    JK Landscape was prompt and thorough from start to finish. My wife and I were back and forth a little on deciding exactly what we wanted for our backyard patio. JK Landscape was there to answer all the questions we had throughout the entire project.

    Brett  |  St. Cloud, MN
  • " We couldn’t be happier! "

    If you want your landscape project done right, hire JK Landscape! The crew exceeded our expectations in every phase of our project which included a total makeover on a new build lake shore site. Challenging aspects of the project included boulder retaining walls around the house and a steep lakeside hill. The fire pit and paver decking are also signature parts of the project. We couldn’t be happier with our landscaping project with JK Landscape.

    Dwight G.
  • " Great job on our patio! "

    The JK Landscape crew did a great job on our patio. We are so excited to enjoy our beautiful lakeside living space! Thanks, JK Landscape Construction!

    Vicki G.
  • " Top notch work by JK Landscape! "

    Top notch work by JK Landscape putting in a beautiful patio at the Wright County Swappers Meet. Would recommend their work to others any day!

    Laurie M.

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