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Waterfront Protection Made Easy

Owning waterfront property is a dream for many. The stellar views and relaxing echoes of nature take the crown when it comes time to purchase land. Make sure your lakeside acreage is meeting its full potential by staying on top of important maintenance and upkeep. Last year, we discussed the importance of protecting your shoreline, so now let’s take a deep dive into waterfront protection and what the professionals at JK Landscape can do for you.

What Is Shoreline Restoration and Why Do We Need It?

Shoreline restoration is imperative to the longevity of your property line. The best way to protect your waterfront square footage is by adding rip rap. Rip rap or “rock armor” is used to mend current shoreline deterioration and minimize any future problems. Lining your shore with rip rap will prevent damage from severe weather, ice, and destructive animals, as well as save you time and money down the road! Our specialists are trained to evaluate each individual property based on the steepness of the slope and speed of water movement to determine if additional erosion control methods are needed. Leverage this defensive “rock armor” to prevent future damage to your property.

Damage Free Restoration

At JK Landscape we provide barging services to lakefront homes and cabins. Lakeshore erosion control is made easy with our barging services as we transport all heavy equipment, supplies, and products across the lake without risking any destruction to your property. We take pride in our efforts to leave your property undamaged. Rest easy knowing your land is in the hands of JK Landscaping. 

If you have questions about potential erosion, contact the professionals at JK Landscape today. Our experienced team is happy to investigate your concerns and discuss an individualized plan of waterfront protection.

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Find Out More About JK Landscape

If you don’t already know, JK Landscape Construction can take your outdoor space and transform it into the most idyllic and refined spot. Who would have guessed that this design and build company started with one man and an idea? From that first turn of soil to its now vast selection of services, find out more about JK Landscape as it continues to bloom.

Building a Foundation

Back in 2006, owner Jerry Konz was working for a residential excavator full time and doing his own thing on weekends. “Housing was getting slow, so I started working on small landscape projects,” he said. When the economy slowed even further, Konz said he knew it was time to focus on landscaping full time.

Understandably, starting a new business in the midst of an already shaky economy was a bit of a struggle. “The first four years were tough,” Konz said, adding that he took every job he could just to stay busy and make ends meet. “The jobs ranged from a couple-hours-long project to a day or two, just working by myself.”

Working Together

Since then, the company has grown. So have the projects. Today, Konz said the jobs can last a few days or even a few months. He and wife Holly have put together a solid, capable, multi-faceted team that works well together. And some have been with the company for almost a decade.

“We have multiple install crews and another crew that specifically builds decks, handrails, gazebos, boathouses, pergolas, and other decorative items for our clients’ properties,” Holly Konz added.

JK Landscape also has a full-time designer, who is responsible for the creative landscape designs unique to each client’s location, space, preferences, and personality. “A lot of the ideas,” Jerry Konz said, “kind of develop themselves when looking at a property.”

All the Projects

The landscape construction projects in JK’s repertoire include hardscapes and retaining walls, outdoor living and paver patios, landscaping and decorative plants, and everything in between and beyond. “We do a lot of residential projects but also quite a few shoreline restoration and commercial projects,” Jerry Konz added.

And sometimes the team has tough-access projects that require the heavy-duty machinery. “My personal favorite projects are the ones where entry through the property is not available. We utilize our barge to transport equipment and materials across a lake to the jobsite,” Jerry Konz explained.

Depending on the design, some jobs take longer than others. Whether a project takes days, weeks, or even months, the objective is to provide the best landscape construction solutions while exceeding client expectations.

“Our clients are very happy with the end result of their projects,” Holly Konz said. “Some are ecstatic throughout the duration as well.”

No matter the design or idea, JK Landscape can tackle just about any job of any size. Contact us when you’re ready to start your next project or simply have questions about the process. Our design and build experts can incorporate your vision and lifestyle into your dream landscape.

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