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Top Landscaping Design Trends for 2023

As we head into spring, exciting new trends continue to emerge in the field of landscape design. Staying up to date with these styles helps ensure that your home’s outdoor space has the latest and most innovative solutions. Continue reading our blog to learn about the top landscaping design trends for 2023.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainability continues to be a major trend in landscape design. People desire eco-friendly and low-maintenance solutions that are kinder to the environment. We see this trend reflected in the use of native plants, rainwater harvesting, and the incorporation of edible gardens. Using permeable materials for hardscaping can also help with water conservation.

Outdoor Living Spaces

With people spending more and more time at home, outdoor living spaces have become a popular trend. These areas are designed to be an extension of the indoor living area, complete with comfortable seating, lighting, and even outdoor kitchens. Fire pits and water features can add a touch of luxury to these outdoor spaces.

Technology Integration

Technology has been making its way into outdoor spaces for some time now. We expect this trend to continue in 2023, with the integration of smart irrigation systems, lighting, and even sound systems. The use of mobile apps can also help homeowners monitor their outdoor spaces and adjust as needed.

Multi-Functional Landscaping

Multi-functional landscaping has continued growing in popularity. This trend involves designing outdoor spaces that serve more than one purpose, such as combining a play area with a vegetable garden and using a retaining wall as a seating area.

Bold Colors

This year, we see bold colors making a comeback in landscape design. Clients are looking for bright, vibrant colors that make a statement in their outdoor spaces. For example, homeowners incorporate brightly colored plants, furniture, and outdoor décor.

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Style and décor consistently evolve, and that includes the areas outside the house. Are you looking to incorporate these 2023 landscaping design trends into your home? At JK Landscape Construction, we offer a full suite of innovative design and build services to transform your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary. Our experts specialize in decks, outdoor living, landscape lighting, water features, and more.

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The Benefits of JK Landscape Barging Services

When you purchased your waterfront property, one of the factors that may have drawn you to that specific acreage could be the unique and beautiful terrain. But with steep or tree-populated landscapes, you’ve most likely also noticed its challenges. When the time comes for landscaping work to be done, many companies may battle to navigate the land and access the shoreline with large construction equipment, but not us. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of JK Landscape barging services.

What is a Barge?

A barge is a flat-bottomed boat used for carrying freight, typically on canals, rivers, and lakes, either under its own power or towed by another. At JK Landscape, we use our barge to transport landscaping machinery, equipment, and supplies right to the shore of waterfront properties. And thanks to a barge’s size and flat bottom, it can pull up close to the shoreline in shallow waters to unload materials with ease.

Damage-Free Landscaping

Working on a landscape with steep slopes, narrow property lines, and obtrusive trees poses a challenge for even the most experienced landscaper. You may notice many companies are not prepared to take on these challenging terrains, but we are. Thanks to our barging services, we are able to transport skid steers, bulldozers, excavators, and more across the water, straight to your shoreline—without risk of damage to your property.

Call the Landscape Professionals

Take your waterfront property up a notch with a custom landscape design from JK Landscape Construction. Whether you’re looking to add rip rap to your shoreline, a new deck to your outdoor entertainment space, or a paver patio for grilling, we look forward to bringing your dream landscape to life.

Contact the professionals today to schedule your upcoming landscape project.

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Green-up Your Yard This Season

We’re in the swing of spring, but your lawn still probably looks a little sad from the never-ending winter. Summer will be here soon enough, so now is the time to start gathering ideas for a lush lawn. The professionals at JK Landscape have just the thing. Keep reading for tips on how to green-up your yard this season.

All About Watering

The biggest keys to watering your yard is to properly know when and how to do it.

Morning is the best time for watering. The early hours allow enough time for the soil to adequately soak in the water before the later-day sun can dry it up. Excessive dampness from nighttime watering can damage your grass and may promote lawn disease or fungus.

Also, using hot water to quench your lawn can scorch the roots and potentially kill the grass. Be sure to roll up hoses after each use so the water empties from them. Keep hoses out of the sun to help prevent them from heating up and sprinkling hot water on your yard.

Another miscue to watch for is how you’re watering. Set up sprinklers so the watered area covers your lawn instead of the sidewalk, driveway, or road.

Develop Deep Roots

Some homeowners water their lawns every day. And while it helps keep the grass green, it may do a disservice to the foundation of the yard.

Rather than every day, water your lawn at regular-but-staggered intervals. Maybe soak it thoroughly a few times each week. Doing this will help the grass develop a deeper root system for stronger and denser turf.

Aerate for Better Results

A healthy lawn needs water, but it also needs to breathe. To ensure your yard is getting the air it needs, consider aeration.

The aeration process involves making small holes in the grass and soil to allow your yard to get the water, air, and nutrients it needs. The roots can extend further into the soil, allowing the grass to grow lush and green. You can do this yourself with a manual tool or machinery, or you can have a certified lawn care team do it for you.

Trim with Care

During summer months, keeping your grass longer will help keep it healthier. Raise the deck of your lawnmower to ensure an ideal trim height to prevent the grass from drying out and potentially being damaged by the sun.

Watering schedules and rain usually determine how often you need to mow. But try not to mow too often; mow just enough so your yard is neat and well-kept while allowing the grass to grow and flourish.

Call on JK Landscape

These ideas to green-up your yard this season should go a long way toward making your lawn one of the best on the block this summer. If you run into issues or need help, the lawn care experts at JK Landscape have the training, tools, and tricks to make your yard the stunning oasis that will make your neighbors jealous. Contact us today with your lawn care questions or concerns or to discuss landscaping projects to make your property stand out.

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Progress photo of a residential outdoor living landscaping project.

When Is the Best Time to Start Landscaping Projects?

When is the best time to start landscaping projects? It’s a question many homeowners ask, especially now as the longer, warmer days of spring and summer get closer. Read on as we discuss why you should begin planning now, as well as the benefits of starting landscaping work in spring.

Begin Planning During Winter

Considering Minnesota’s climate, it’s no surprise that spring–fall marks the busy season for landscapers. For one, the snow and freezing temps present unhealthy conditions for new trees, shrubs, and plants to thrive. Additionally, frozen soil makes it extremely difficult to dig holes for landscaping structures and features.

However, winter is the perfect time to begin planning. Advantages of staying ahead of the busy season include:

  • A more relaxed pace during the planning stages to ensure the design(s) match your vision.
  • Submitting necessary permit and approval applications early helps ensure that you’ll be ready to be cleared when it comes time to break ground.
  • Early planning provides access to a wider selection of plant materials before competition increases during the busy spring planting season.
  • Landscapers tend to have more convenient scheduling options during the off-season, making it easier to book an appointment and get started.
  • Planning and starting the project early allows for better timelines and earlier completion, allowing you to enjoy your new landscape sooner.

That’s not to say that some winter landscaping isn’t possible. In fact, sometimes it’s necessary. JK Landscape provides professional rip rap (AKA “rock armor) installation to repair and prevent shoreline damage, snow removal and ice control, and more. Contact us to learn more about our lakeshore winter services.

The Benefits of Spring Landscaping

With the snow and ice gone and the weather getting warmer, spring is the ideal time for work to begin. Generally, it’s best to start construction when temperatures remain above 45–50 degrees. Benefits of spring landscaping include:

  • The ground has thawed and softened, making it easy to dig holes for new structures, features, and plants.
  • Mid to late spring is considered “mulching season,” as the soil has had time to warm up following winter and allows time for the plants to establish throughout the summer and fall.
  • Additionally, planting new shrubs, trees, and perennials early on helps ensure they have time to acclimate and establish a strong root system for surviving Minnesota’s harsh winters.
  • As previously mentioned, planning in winter and starting construction early allows you to beat the rush. You’ll have better scheduling, quicker turnaround, and more time to enjoy the final product.

The Final Word: Get Started Today!

So, when is the best time to start landscaping projects? The real first step is planning, and the time for that is now. The design and installation specialists at JK Landscape have the experience and expertise to ensure success and satisfaction. We’ll make sure the soil is ready for optimal planting and plant care, work with you to create a design you’ll love, and then bring it to life with prompt and professional construction.

Browse our project gallery to see our exceptional services in action. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a meeting.

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5 Ways You Can Add Value to Your Home

If you are looking to add value to your home, a great place to start is with the exterior. After all, first impressions are crucial. Landscaping is one of the more cost-effective options for increasing value. Use these landscaping tips to boost your property value and curb appeal!

Healthy Lawn

Overgrown grass, weeds, and unruly shrubbery will surely drive down the value of your home. Exterior neglect can really send the wrong message to potential homebuyers, which is why it’s just as important to maintain and upgrade your yard. By setting up a fertilization schedule and regular mowing, your yard can be the greenest on the block!

Irrigation System

A beautiful landscape can also come with a laundry list of maintenance. Avoid the extra hassle of watering and grab the attention of buyers with a fully automated sprinkler system. Irrigation systems are now equipped with sensors that observe the water levels and only water your landscaping when necessary. Water smarter, not harder!

Planting Trees

Did you know trees can add between $1,000 to $10,000 to your home’s value? That said, make sure you plant trees as soon as possible, as it takes a few years for trees to mature and reach their full potential. Planting mature trees is an option; however, it may cost you an arm and a leg depending on the tree’s size.

Light It Up

Landscape lighting is both a design element and a safety feature. Illuminating the outside of your home creates an occupancy pattern that keeps intruders at bay as they tend to look for homes that appear to be empty.  

You may worry about an added electrical expense, but if you choose LED bulbs or solar options, they are bright enough to keep you safe and won’t run up your electrical bill.

Large-Scale Update

If you are looking for a complete landscape makeover, consider adding an outdoor living space. Not only will you extend the square footage available for gatherings, but you also appeal to a larger range of buyers. Whether you add an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, deck, or pergola, you will entice many with the endless hosting possibilities.

Contact the professionals at JK Landscape today and we can talk through your home exterior renovations. Whether you choose to install a couple of trees or a full outdoor oasis, any of the additions above will add instant value to your home.

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