Watkins, MN

Landscape Design & Construction Services

From lush, healthy lawns to colorful flower beds, plants, shrubs, or trees, a well-designed softscape enhances the overall look of your property and adds value to your home or business. Our experienced team of design and build professionals can create a stunning landscape that’s not only functional but sustainable now and in the future.

We leverage our experience and knowledge of the area’s climate, water flow and drainage, soil type, and planting zones to create a space that is not only beautiful but thrives year after year.  

Landscaping Services We Provide in Watkins, MN Include:

Landscape Lighting Installation in Watkins, MN

Lighting is an integral part of the landscape. It provides ambiance and can accentuate your property’s best features. We offer a variety of lighting for all tastes and styles including globe lights, lanterns, and large or small-scale lighting features. 

Landscaping Decorative Rocks and Plants in Watkins, MN

Adding beautiful, natural elements to your landscape such as decorative rocks or accent plants adds earthy texture and visual interest to your outdoor space. We offer unique design ideas using high-quality sustainable materials that reflect your individual needs and lifestyle.


Landscape Edging in Watkins, MN

Clean, well placed garden edging can improve the look of an outdoor space by adding texture and artistry to areas such as garden or flower beds. Our designers will incorporate innovative edging solutions into your overall landscape design plan based on your vision, lifestyle, and budget.


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